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Card Games
australian-patience/Australian Patience
As our solitiare series continues, your goal in Australian Patience is to move all cards to 4 foundations by suit from A to K. When the game starts, 4 upturned cards will be dealt to each of the 7 tableau piles. The 4 foundations are located above the tableau piles. 1 card will be dealt to the discard pile on the left of th..
aunt-mary-solitaire/Aunt Mary Solitaire
This game is similar to Yukon Solitaire but with some small differences which may require a change in strategy. At the start of the game, 6 cards are dealt into each of 6 tableau piles. The first pile has all 6 cards face up, the second pile has 5 cards face up, and so on until the last pile has 1 card face up. The remainin..
poker-world/Poker World
Poker World is brought to you by the makers of Governor of Poker. In this great offline poker game, youre battling and bluffing your way through several continents and famous poker cities. Ever played poker in Macau? Or visited the majestic Monaco casino? Or went all in in the Bellagio in Las Vegas? This is your chance. And..
tripeaks-castle-solitaire/Tripeaks Castle Solitaire
Try to win as many rounds of solitaire by removing all the cards form the three peakes. Cards can be removed if they are open and one higher or lower than the card shown at stack, suits are irrelevant. Click on next card to get a new open card. Click undo button to cancel a previous move. Joker is a wildcard and can be play..

spider-solitaire-original/Spider Solitaire Original
Classic solitaire game.
solitaire-hd/Solitaire HD
You ever played Solitaire? This is a new version called Solitaire HD. In the columns you can place the cards alternately red and black and in the empty fields on the right you need to order the cards in order by number and the same color. Solve in the best time and make your score. To start again with the game, click the re..
agnes-solitaire/Agnes Solitaire
At the start of the game 7 tableau piles will be dealt. The first pile has 1 card, the second pile has 2 cards, and so on until the seventh pile has 7 cards. After that one extra card is dealt as the start of the first foundation pile, there are 4 foundation piles and each will have to start from a card with this number. Th..
alhambra-solitaire/Alhambra Solitaire
This game is played with two decks of cards. First, 4 A in 4 suits and 4 K in 4 suits are dealt as the start of 8 foundation piles. The aim of the game is to put all the cards to the foundation piles. The foundation piles are built with cards of the same suit, where the piles starting with A are built up and the piles start..
pyramid-solitaire/Pyramid Solitaire
Pyramid Solitaire is a HTML5 Game. Enjoy this stylish version of the classic Pyramid Solitaire!

blackjack-king/Blackjack King
Full featured classic casino game - hit, stand, double or split to beat the dealer and increase your winnings.
freecell-solitaire-2017/Freecell Solitaire 2017
Try and find all Ace cards and stack them up in the correct order. You can use free cells to store cards!
In Klaverjassen (a popular dutch card game) you play with 4 players against each other. Try to beat the players left and right of you.
lightning-cards/Lightning Cards
Beat your opponent! Draw cards as quickly as you can and be faster than your opponent. Lightning Cards is a unique, fast and fun card game.
monster-master/Monster Master
An addictive RPG card game. I wasted hours playing this!

arcade-animals-super-fish/Arcade Animals Super Fish
Collect As much treasure as possible in this cute animal game!
police-sniper/Police Sniper
You are the sniper in the police force
switching-goals/Switching Goals
Play this funny penalty shootout game featuring movie clips
try to hit the clays as they fly past the screen. You only have 2 shots per pair of clays!
bomber-bob/Bomber Bob
Flight a bomber against enemy aircraft and sunk ships.

dragonball-z/Dragonball Z
2-Player fighting game with character from the Dragonball Z characters
Blast away all astroids
tetris-arcade/Tetris Arcade
Play a great remake of the classic arcade game Tetris.
rubiks-cube/Rubiks Cube
See how fast you can return the Cube into its orginal position.
ski-2000/Ski 2000
Ski with style in this snow ski game

army-swat/Army Swat
Shoot the terrorist as a SWAT member. Don’t kill any pedestrians
crimson-warfare/Crimson Warfare
Real time base production war strategy game; Manage the production queue to crush the enemy base
mini-pool-2/Mini Pool 2
The sequel to the pool game - new graphic and equally excellent game play
crusin-with-crush/Crusin With Crush
Help Crush to collect as many baby turtle as possible
Race the PC player to run to the end of the maze and enter the next level

You will want to be as accurate as possible in this game. Each miss will give negative point!
sinjid-shadow-of-the-warrior/Sinjid Shadow Of The Warrior
Fujin train Sinjid to fight the Fallen Army
kick-off/Kick Off
Penalty shootup game with 5-levels. You will be the playing as both player and goal keeper
add-like-mad/Add Like Mad
Don? play this game if you hate mathematics - you have to Add Like Mad in this game!
card-wars-maganic/Card Wars Maganic
Choose your card well in this strategy card game. Play the best card to take out the enemy wizard

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