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Sonic Games
sonic-crazy-world/Sonic Crazy World
You need to help sonic to collect the rings in this game. There are 10 levels for you to completed. can you survive on all of them.
sonic-moto/Sonic Moto
Sonic Just brought a brand new moto bike, Now, He can save some time and energy with this moto.
sonic-shorts-volume-5/Sonic Shorts Volume 5
This is Sonic Shorts Volume 5, if you like other sonic shorts animation, you will like this one too.
sonic-shorts-volume-4/Sonic Shorts Volume 4
This is Sonic Shorts Volume 4, a really cool animation about character in the games.

sonic-shorts-volume-3/Sonic Shorts Volume 3
Sonic shorts volume 3 is made by some great artist from newground. It is a very nice animation about sonic and other character in the games.
sonic-shorts-volume-2/Sonic Shorts Volume 2
Sonic shorts volume 2 is a nice flash animation. It is done by some great artist from newgrounds.
sonic-shorts-volume-1/Sonic Shorts Volume 1
This is cool Sonic animation.
sonic-quiz-3/Sonic Quiz 3
This is sonic quiz 3, let's see how much you know about character and event of the games.
sonic-in-the-garden/Sonic In The Garden
Sonic is in the garden, fighting with the apple eater "BAT". Come help him, and have fun.

sonic-earth/Sonic Earth
Sonic and Tails have come to the earth and have transformed into humans. completed each level defeat the enemies and collecting coins. Also, the evil Dr. Robotnik has followed you to Earth too.
sonic-on-clouds/Sonic On Clouds
Sonic will do all stuffs on the clouds, use left and right arrow key to move, up arrow key to jump, and down arrow key for a super jump, and collecting the ring and other medals in this game.
ultimate-robotnik-duels/Ultimate Robotnik Duels
Try to have fun with this combat games with sonic character. For Player one use arrow keys to move and mkey to fire. for players 2 use W, A, S, D keys to move. and G key fire.
sonic-test-run/Sonic Test Run
This is a card battle game. You can use the battle cards against other player. The more card you get, more chance you can win.
sonic-maze-craze/Sonic Maze Craze
Sonic has lost his shoes in the desert. You need to stumbled the shoes and return it to him without touch other obstacles and wall.

shadow-the-hedgehog-flash/Shadow The Hedgehog Flash
The game of this goal of this sonic is race shadow to the end of the level and destorying enenmies and collecting rings on the way.
sonic-rpg-ep-8/Sonic RPG Ep 8
This is Sonic RPG Eps 8, the superior hedgehog, scene with superiority Struggle.
sonic-rpg-ep7/Sonic RPG Ep7
This is Sonic RPG Eps 7, another chapter of Sonic RPG game.
sonic-rpg-eps-6/Sonic RPG Eps 6
There is 4 scene selection in this game, mecha appearence, the great robot, fighting a dream and worried nights.
sonic-rpg-eps-5/Sonic RPG Eps 5
There is 4 scene selection in this game, Seelkadoom Vs Sonic, inside the castle, boss and victorious sonic.

tails-nightmare/Tails Nightmare
Tail's nightmare is a sonic fan based game, where is sonic? You need to help Tail to collect rings and defeat the enemies.
sonic-rpg-eps-4-part-2/Sonic RPG Eps 4 Part 2
There is 3 scene selection in this game, Sonic and Nights, Sonic and Shadow, Seelkadoom and Reala.
sonic-rpg-eps-4-part-1/Sonic RPG Eps 4 Part 1
There is 3 scene selection in this game, beginning of Battle, Shadow\'s Battle and New powers.
final-fantasy-sonic-x-ep-1/Final Fantasy Sonic X Ep 1
Final Fantasy Sonic is RPG game, You play as sonic, you can fight with shadow and other character and find out the secrets of the powerful sword.
sonic-rpg-eps-3/Sonic RPG Eps 3
This time Shadow The hedgehog and Super Sonic against Sellkadoom.

sonic-rpg-eps-2/Sonic RPG Eps 2
This time sonic met Reala, the great emperor of dark side first time, and go the Hloy Sapphire.
sonic-xs/Sonic XS
In this game you needs to fight his way to rescue Amy Rose who was kidnapped by Evil Dr. Egg man. He only has 60 seconds to finish his job.
sonic-rpg-eps-1-part-2/Sonic RPG Eps 1 Part 2
A game with RPG style on battles.
sonic-rpg-eps-1-part-1/Sonic RPG Eps 1 Part 1
Sonic RPG Eps 1 Part 1, A sonic game with RPG style on battles.
sonic-xtreme-version-2/Sonic Xtreme Version 2
Sonic Xtreme is real cool online version of sonic flash game. You can have play more characters such as Tails, Amy, Shadow and Sonic.

sonic-3d-snowboarding/Sonic 3D Snowboarding
In Sonic 3D Snowboarding, Sonic is going to snowboarding, when you board over a ramp, press the space bar, there is 15 ramps. lets see how high the score you can get.
sonic-the-hedgehog/Sonic The Hedgehog
This is online version of sonic the hedgehog game.
final-fantasy-sonic-x6/Final Fantasy Sonic X6
Try to help sonic to defeat the true Guardian and get back the stone in this sonic game.
sonic-smash-brothers/Sonic Smash Brothers
Play with Sonic and the list of characters from that game and battle head to head.
sonic-matchit/Sonic MatchIt
A Sonic version of the popular and addictive match the hidden pairs of picture cards game.
sonic-sky-chase/Sonic Sky Chase
A Flash recreation of the much loved Sky Chase Zone from the all-time classic 1992 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 game, featuring Sonic wing-walking on Tailss Tornado plane, and including a final battle with Dr. Robotnik. Instructions are included in the game.

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