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monster-rush/Monster Rush
Monster Rush (Tower Defense) is a game where the goal is to defend possessions by obstructing the monster attackers, placing defensive towers along the path to automatically block and destroy monsters.
heroes-of-myths/Heroes of Myths
Heroes of Myths sails you back to the demon hordes and demolish their temples with the strongest warriors. The Greek heroes Hercules, Perseus, and Achilles will be on your side. Furthermore, one of three Greek gods In Heroes of Myths you must drive back the demon hordes and destroy their temple with your warriors. The Gree..
cover-orange-2/Cover Orange 2
The goal in this games is that you need to protect the fruit from lethal rain by place all the objects in the right place.
You may need to put the blue ball into the golden ring by using the mouse. Try to do it as quicker as you can in order to get the higher point.

alien-craft/Alien Craft
You need to stop the evil aliens to attack our planet.
jungle-hunt/Jungle Hunt
Place units on the grassy areas to prevent invading animals from reaching your village
catch-tadpoles/Catch Tadpoles
This is a quite easy game, catach all tadpoles before they reach shore. good luck.
Fly Lords Incredible Controller (FLIC) is a fun game where you have to try and keep the flies inside of the circle by controlling your paddles. You have upgrades and a super spin that helps you keep the flies under control. Compete for a high score in this fun filled little game.
spider-monkey/Spider Monkey
Rescue the little monkeys. The gold rings are the checkpoints for each level. Reach them to avoid restarting from the beginning of the level. Slap the gorilla bosses in the head to defeat them. Use mouse and left click to latch on to things.

catch-a-smoochie/Catch A Smoochie
Catch as many kisses as you can for Valentines Day before time runs out, but watch out for broken hearts.
paper-kids/Paper Kids
Delivers newspapers to paying subscribbers. Only newspapers that land within each customer mailbox will count as being successfully delivered. use arrow key to move, space key to throw and p key to pause.
dungeon-ball/Dungeon Ball
Dodge the balls, grab the key, escape from dungeon. Use Arrow key to move.
jasmines-flying-high/Jasmines Flying High
An Aladdin themed Breakout game with jewels that need to be grabbed.
rpg-tower-defense/RPG Tower Defense
New twist in strategy games, fully featured with elements like Wraths Of God and buildings. Practice in the SandBox your strategies before get into the battle.

Monster are preparing to attack your city. Your objective is to defend the city at all costs by building defense towers to attack the monster.Place the towers strategically to inflict maximum damage
turtle-flight/Turtle Flight
Help the Turtle reach the spaceship. Collect all the flowers to complete the level, recharge fuel on time and also collect extra lives on the way up. Avoid collision with other objects or you lose one life.
bloons-defense/Bloons Defense
Place your monkey towers in the best strategic positions to fend off the ever-annoying balloons.
border-blast/Border Blast
let is see if you can help this guy to get a best score.
Help this bored cannibal to cheer up by a game of gowling. Gowling is a funny sport where you combine golfing, bowling and a bunch of crabs into one exiting game. Try to hit that bunch of crabs as hard as you can..

Try to fly an air balloon, can you keep it up?
hot-dog-bush/Hot Dog Bush
It is first day for Bush to sell the hot dog. Create meals and deliver them to your customers.
crazy-cube/Crazy Cube
ink every pair of like colored markers, by pressing LEFT CLICK to complete the cube. The squares cannot be linked diagonally. If an existing link is broken, just reselect the base color and plug the gaps to complete the link. The black cells are blocked. Earn bonus points for speed.
abbas-on-a-mission/Abbas On A Mission
Press space bar to jump and collect the envelopes left high above the ground.
rugger-bugger/Rugger Bugger
Use mouse to move player up and down, left click to fart and knock out players catching up with you.

dodge-fishy/Dodge Fishy
Dodge Fishy is a avoidance game, you are a little cute turtle in the middle of fishes. avoid the big fish and eat the small fish.
link-five/Link Five
You are playing against computer, you need to connecting all five pieces in a straight line to win.
deep-digg/Deep Digg
Digg deep down into the mine. Keep sufficient air supply and watch out for the falling objects. How deep can you go?
bettys-beer-bar/Bettys Beer Bar
Help Betty serve her funny patrons, earn great tips and work her way up the ladder to save her money to get her own place in the Caribbeans with Bettys Beer Bar.
tilt-2/Tilt 2
Balance the tray by moving the mouse around. If the tray falls, flip it back over by swinging the mouse around. Avoid (or collect!) the balls but be careful, while they increase your score, they make it harder to balance.

candy-drops/Candy Drops
Test your hand-eye coordination. Drop the candies accurately on top of the stack.
super-pang/Super Pang
Bust all of the balls to make your way across all 6 islands and earn a high score!
pig-can-fly/Pig Can Fly
Jump up and keep landing on the golden nuggets to jump again. See how high you can jump.
icy-candy/Icy Candy
Catch and match the cute Icy Candies of same colors and score points.
biff-n-baff/Biff n Baff
Help Biff n Baff avoid the cosmic space junk!
banana-barrage/Banana Barrage
You are Donkey Kong in this fantastic aim and fire banana game. Your aim is to throw the bananas in the basket.

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