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Dress Up Games
selena-gomez-hairstyles/Selena Gomez Hairstyles
Great news, ladies! If you want to impress everyone with cute and chic hairstyles inspired by your favourite Disney Channel actress and singer - Selena Gomez, then you should hurry up and join us on as we are getting ready to start a fun hairstyling marathon in which Selenas fans can learn how to make three o..
pet-spa/Pet Spa
you may need to give your pet a birthday party, you need to dress up your pet and yourslef as well.
dream-wedding-dress-up/Dream Wedding Dress Up
This is a great day for a wedding. These two cute couple are ready for their wedding day, all they need is the pretty dresses.
the-funny-snowman-dress-up/The Funny Snowman Dress Up
This is the first snow of the year, snow is everywhere. we can have fun to make a snowman, and decorate the snowman with different suit and other accessories.

new-year-date/New Year Date
Emily got call from her friends, they invite her to clubs, parties and firework display, Emily needs to get her dresses ready before 12 AM, otherwise, It will later for the event.
christmas-kids/Christmas Kids
These kids has many new outfits for the christmas. Help them to choose the best one for the Christmas Eve.
new-year-new-clothes-2011/New Year New Clothes 2011
Alice is so excited for the New Year of 2011!! She has a whole new wardrobe from Christmas gifts and shopping. She wants to show off her new clothes to her friends as soon as possible. Help Alice put together an outfit with her new clothes. Remember, it is still very cold outside so keep her warm and stylish at the same tim..
despicable-me-minion/Despicable Me Minion
I believe you do like the minion in the movie despicable Me, You got chance to play dress up game with this cutie.
make-a-snowman-together/Make A Snowman Together
Winter is a time for fun, Dress up nicely and lets go make a pretty snowman as well.

snow-cleaning/Snow Cleaning
It is a big snow day, you may want to help your mom to shovel snow, but, before you go outside, you may need to wear some winter clothing and other accessories to keep you warm.
mario-bros-princess-dress-up/Mario Bros Princess Dress Up
If you play mario games, you will know the princess peach, here is your change to dressup and makeover princess peach.
art-gallery/Art Gallery
Your are visiting a famous art gallery. You are so happy to be there with your wonderful dresses.
high-fashion-dress-up/High Fashion Dress Up
It is a high fashion show, The crowd is waiting for you to show them be beautiful dresses and expensive accessories and jewelry.
pajama-party/Pajama Party
It is time to have a party with your best friends. Choose your favorite dresses before your friends is arrived.

my-sweet-16/My Sweet 16
It is your sixteenth birthday, You are gonna have a birthday party. You need the dresses which fix you best in your party.
cheerleader-dress-up/Cheerleader Dress Up
To be a cheerleader is not a easy job, You have to show your best skill and outfit in front people everytime.
beach-doll-dress-up/Beach Doll Dress Up
The beach is a nice place for girl. This girl is enjoy her day with pretty dresses in the beach.
lonely-hearts/Lonely Hearts
Sometime, girl will feel lonely, but the pretty dresses will make a lonely heart girl feel better.
country-girl-dress-up/Country Girl Dress Up
You are a country cow girl, you dress is look different from other girl, Pick the dresses that fits your style.

wedding-at-the-sea/Wedding At The Sea
Someone going to do the Propose Marriage in front of your at ship on the sea, all you need to get a perfect dresses for that day.
the-fashion-artist/The Fashion Artist
Your have talents on the art. Choose the favorite dress, pen, and other accessories and enjoy the time.
bat-girl-dress-up/Bat Girl Dress Up
This is Bat Girl, a superhero on the city streets. She is much better than Batman. All she need is a good outfit now.
joe-jonas-at-the-disco/Joe Jonas At The Disco
Joe Jonas is going to a club. He needs coolest dresses to be the most popular guy in the club.
lifeguard-on-duty/Lifeguard On Duty
This girl is new lifeguard on this beach, Pick the best swim suits for her.

downtown-diva/Downtown Diva
Diva wants go to downtown for dresses shopping today, She want to get nice clothes this time.
rap-gal/Rap Gal
Do you like to rap? pick up some nice dresses for yourself for tonight rap party.
back-to-school-fashion/Back to School Fashion
Sprint holiday time is over now. It is time to back to school with uniform.
princess-yoko-dress-up/Princess Yoko Dress Up
Choose the best dresses for princess Yoko. Make her to be most pretty girl for the party tonight.
soraya-dating-day/Soraya Dating Day
This is first dating day for Soraya. Help her to choose the dresses and make her hair style.

winter-fashion/Winter Fashion
It is winter time, You need to choose those dresses that can keep you warm, Also, You need to dress in a fashion way.
the-best-baby-sitter/The Best Baby Sitter
Baby sitting is not a easy job, In order for the baby to like you, you may want to dress some pretty dresses.
bratz-fairy/Bratz Fairy
This girl is bratz fairy. She will be coolest bratz if you can choose best outfit and jewelery for her.
ski-girl-fashion/Ski Girl Fashion
This lovely girl like to go ski. She needs the newest fashion dresses before she can claim up to the mountains and ski.
rockin-rachel/Rockin Rachel
Rachel is rocking star, she like to stay on the stage with her favorite dresses.
samurai-warrior-doll/Samurai Warrior Doll
This girl is trying to be a fearless samurai, choose some outfit for her and make her look like a samurai.

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