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Mario Games
mario-forever-flash/Mario Forever Flash
You need to guide Mario past all obstacles to save his lover. To start the game, you need to press Z key.
old-mario-bros/Old Mario Bros
This is old super Mario bros game. unlike other Mario games, you need more point to get up the level fast in this old Mario Bros game.
super-mario-chess/Super Mario Chess
Now, you are the mario, you need to choose one of character in mario games to play with you.
super-mario-puzzle/Super Mario Puzzle
Super Mario puzzle game is a flash game for you the solve the puzzle of Mario picture, If you like puzzle and mario game, you will love this game.

mario-tetris-3/Mario Tetris 3
Mario Tetris 3 is a Mario puzzle games. Use Up key to rotate the block and down key to speed fall. left and right key to move to side by side in this Mario game.
mario-makeover/Mario Makeover
It is a Mario makeover games, you can change Mario's hair, eyes and the dress. Give the Mario new look in this Mario Game.
super-mario-hopscotch/Super Mario Hopscotch
This is another super mario games. you may need to collect the star and complete the job on each level. use the arrow key to move and spce key to jump in this mario game.
sonic-in-mario-world-2/Sonic in Mario World 2
In this game, you can play sonic as the character Mario.
mario-movie-maker/Mario Movie Maker
You can create some Mario movies by using those Mario characters.

super-mario-63/Super Mario 63
This is cool super mario bros games, Mario needs to jump and collecting the coins, and beats te enemies.
mario-combat/Mario Combat
Super Mario gonna go and kick Bowser. Mario Needs massive of combos to boost his score. Use left right arrow key to move, and A key to attack and up arrow key to jump. Press up arrow key twice to jump higher.
mario-adventure/Mario Adventure
A nice super mario game, colleting coins as many as you can and kill those enemies. Use left and right arrow keys to move and space to key to jump. down arrow keys then space key to jump higher.
luigis-mansion-save-mario/Luigis Mansion Save Mario
The super Mario is caught by a shark, It is time for his brother Luigi to save Mario in this game.
super-mario-rpg-rawest-forest/Super Mario RPG Rawest Forest
This is animation of super Mario and other character in Mario games. This is pretty good mario flash online.

super-mario-vetorial-world/Super Mario Vetorial World
A great super mario games with many levels, You may need some time to pass each level in this mario game
name-that-mario-song/Name That Mario Song
It is a Mario games to see how much you are familiar with the song in Mario games, You can choose the normal mode or the image mode to find out the song for Mario games.
super-mario-world-cape-glide/Super Mario World Cape Glide
Super Mario is going flying, avoid to hit the top and the ground, also the object on the way.
super-mario-gorilla/Super Mario Gorilla
In this mario games, Super Mario needs to save the princess from Gorilla.
mini-mario/Mini Mario
This is Mario mini games, Mario needs collect all the coin.

mario-snow/Mario Snow
It is anther interesting Super Mario bros game. play Mario snow for fun.
super-mario-boat-bonanza/Super Mario Boat Bonanza
This time Mario will in the boat, he needs to watch out for the enemies like piranhas skeleton birds and bomb balloons.
new-super-mario-bros-flash/New Super Mario Bros Flash
It is new super Mario bros flash game, like the original super Mario games, Mario needs to jump and collect the coins. This game has nice graphics compare to other Mario Online flash games.
super-mario-world-hardcore/Super Mario World Hardcore
It is a very funny Super Mario game, instead of jumping, Mario use guns to shoot the enemy while theres is awesome hardcore music playing. use arrow key to move and C key to shoot, and 1 to 4 key to changing weapons.
coloring-super-mario/Coloring Super Mario
Mario is not longer stick into the color of red and blue, you can color the Mario with different colors with your imagination.

pixel-ninja-in-mario-world/Pixel Ninja In Mario World
The little Ninja is hidden in the mario bros world. can you able to find the all.
super-mario-fly/Super Mario Fly
Mario bros will colleting the mushroon and stars and shoot the Goombas in the Sky
mario-bros/Mario Bros
Mario Bros is two players game, you need to control the bros Mario and LUigi. You need to collect four coin in order to win. For Mario, use arrow keys to move, ad ; key to jump. For Luigi, use V and B keys to move and S key to Jump.
mario-bros-racing-tournament/Mario Bros Racing Tournament
this mario bros games, you can choose character to race other character in mario games.
mario-town-2/Mario Town 2
Mario Town 2 is another free online mario game.

super-mario-x/Super Mario X
Another fun mario bros game, jump on the koopa troopas, goombas, collect the coin and mushroom.
ultimate-mario-game-quiz/Ultimate Mario Game Quiz
You said you know much about super Mario games than I do. Let is see how much you know about Mario games.
new-super-mario-world-3/New Super Mario World 3
This is third part of the new online flash super Mario world series.
new-super-mario-world-2/New Super Mario World 2
Theis is second part of the new online flash super mario world series.
new-super-mario-world-1/New Super Mario World 1
It is another super mario online games, collecting all coins to complete all the levels.
mario-puppets/Mario Puppets
In this mario games, you need to line up same color mario by click on the the mario

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