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Racing Games
Take to the road in this action packed racing game based off the feature film Crank!
mad-truckers/Mad Truckers
Battle with crazy bosses, crash everythinig with your huge truck, you can either use your mouse or arrow key to control the truck.
around-the-streets/Around the streets
Another car racing games, use arrow key to control the car
doom-rider/Doom Rider
Racing against the demons in hell. Speed your motorcycle and win each race to escape from the underworld.

formula-fog/Formula Fog
Put the pedal to the medal in Formula Fog! Tear up the track with either a typical sports car or a F1 race car. Watch your review and try to hit the targets on the track for a huge speed boost!
nfs-underground/NFS Underground
Welcome to the Need For Speed Underground 1.4 Mile Challenge… Drag race as fast as you can shifting gears and skidding tires!
Fly down the city hills avoiding traffic and construction with this brakeless car.
street-rally/Street Rally
Racing throught city street using your monster truck.
customize-your-ride/Customize Your Ride
Trick out your car in "Customize Your Ride V5". Pick out from numerous models including an Escalade, a BMW M3 and an Eclipse. Tint the windows, change the paint color, pick new rims and totally customize your new ride!

monsta-truk/Monsta Truk
Pick a truck and use the arrow keys to control the truck tought all twenty levels and to the finish do it as fast as you can.
speed-demon-2/Speed Demon 2 racing car. use arrow key to control and speedup.
ford-flat-track/Ford Flat Track
you need to beat out your opponent around the track on the dirt bike. It is a really fast paced racing game.
star-racer/Star Racer
very speedy paced space racer, Just Pick your racer and you ready to speed up.
fugitive-takedown/Fugitive Takedown
Police pursuit racing game made as a homage to two-fisted tv host Sheriff John Bunnell.

the-chase-batmobile/The Chase Batmobile
Race around Gotham city in a high speed chase. Hunt down the Joker and knock his car off using the Batmobile. Avoid gun toting criminals, other vehicles, and other obstacles!
dino-faster/Dino Faster
This is prehistorical quick race. The Dino must be faster for runing survival and do not mistake for duck or jump. Get more points to be dinofaster.
ace-driver/Ace Driver
Use the keyboard arrow keys to manoeuvre the car. The aim is to avoid the obstacles and slow down for the speed cameras, making sure you get to the checkpoints before the time runs out. Everyone can drive fast but can you drive carefully in order to complete the challenge?
bike-stunts/Bike Stunts
Bike Stunts perform and earn points! Bike Stunts get points for each stunt you do see if you really are the best!
license-quest/License Quest
You are learning to drive and have to appear for your License test. The test keep getting tougher by the day, but what you get in the end is worth the trouble and more.

bike-mania/Bike Mania
Surmount all the obstacles as fast as you can!
splash-and-dash/Splash and Dash
Take it to the Formula 1 race track in Splash and Dash! Use a combination of speed and skill to over take other racers. Remember to pit when there is excessive tire damage, low fuel levels or major car damage!
monster-jam-destruction/Monster Jam Destruction
Create havoc wherever you go, which was the point of monster trucks in the first place.
city-racers-2/City Racers 2
Choose your car and race type then burn up the road! Drop oil spots to slow down your opponents.
the-transaid-challenge/The Transaid Challenge
You are an African health service worker, delivering services and supplies from health centres to villages that need them. Use the keyboard to control your vehicle, following the arrow to each destination. Delivery details will appear along the bottom of the screen. Stop in the blue circle to complete a delivery.

on-the-run/On the run
Avoid the Corporation vans who will do anything to stop you. Follow the Signs to escape. You need to get through 2 tunnels to open the Railway crossing.
dare-devil/Dare Devil
All the joys of being a dare devil but without the hassle of broken bones.
diesel-and-death/Diesel and death
Defeat your opponent called Diesel by reaching the flag before him.
rich-racer/Rich Racer
Win races and unlock maps!You need to be 5th or better to go on to the next race!
bmw-driving/BMW Driving
In this fun game, you are playing as Franks, The Transporter. Deliver some stuff to the Eiffel Tower. Your car is tricked.

mud-bike-racing/Mud Bike Racing
Play the Mud Bike Racing Game. Become a Bike Racing Champ. Avoid clashing with Rival Bikes to prevent damages to your Bike. Collect Red Cans on your way for extra Fuel. Collect tools on your way to repair damages to your Bike.
two-wheeler-trauma-2/Two Wheeler Trauma 2
Take on some killer traffic! Wheel in & wheel out in some awesome 2 wheeler action! Use Arrow keys to move through traffic. Space to brake.
bike-racing/Bike Racing
Become A Champ. Play Free Bike Racing Game. Use UP ARROW key to move forward. LEFT and RIGHT ARROW keys to move left and right. DOWN ARROW key to slow down. Press SPACE BAR to apply brakes.
road-burner/Road Burner
Tweak your car into perfection and battle it out with other drag racers. Make sure you have the optimum performance on your car before you race.
ice-racer/Ice Racer
Drive ice truck on snow capped mountains. Race to the finish line save as you only have 5 lives. Time for winter game.
drag-racer-v3/Drag Racer v3
Upgradeable car is the best feature offered by this game. Build a race car, and compete with other racer. If you win, put more money to your car

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