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Action games
stunt-bike-deluxe/Stunt Bike Deluxe
Try not to crash you bike, and try to change the vehicles when you get stuck on a level.
the-dancing-monkey/The Dancing Monkey
This is cool games, try to dancing with this monkey.
a-stitch-in-time-2/A Stitch in Time 2
Kim need to goes back to her pre school days to take care of the Pre K Villains!
blue-demon-car/Blue Demon Car
Use the available accessories to design this blue demon car with various tuning styles!

fashion-run/Fashion Run
Manage the clothes store. Take women around the store as they look and try on clothes. Make sells!
lilo-and-stitch-kauai-caper/Lilo And Stitch Kauai Caper
Help Stitch gather clues and hunt down items for Lilos birthday party
sift-heads-2/Sift Heads 2
You are a contract killer in this stylish stick man gangster game. Complete various jobs like you are used from such games like GTA
247-bombs/247 Bombs
The goal of the game is to annihilate all the enemies in a given time.
dragon-ball-3/Dragon Ball 3
Help Goku find the 2 dragon ball from the red soldiers alliance. Use A S D W key to control directions. use L key to swing the stick. press and hold L key to geather full MP, and release to fire the dragon ball. Use K key gain 50 HP point.

power-rangers-dino-thunder/Power Rangers Dino Thunder
Fight enemies in this Power Rangers sidescroller as you switch between which Power Ranger you are.
snow-trouble/Snow Trouble
Bury the evil serpants in a barrage of deadly snow!
metal-slug-rampage/Metal Slug Rampage
One of the best coinop games of all time is back in flash form. Shoot your way to fun.
shinobi-kun/Shinobi Kun
your mission is to fight for the honor of your clan and defeat as many Red Kogas as possible.
heli-attack-2/Heli Attack 2
Destroy as many helicopters as you can with a vast range of different weapons!

fwg-island/FWG Island
An action strategy game where you protect your island from evil developers and hopefully stop global warming!
mermaid-rescue/Mermaid Rescue
Use your sword to kill all monsters within the specified time. Game over if you can not kill a monster before it touchs the Mermaid Princess.
rely-on-relics/Rely On Relics
Jacky Chen needs to save his nephew,try to help him to fight the ninjas!
super-cop/Super Cop
Catch the bank robbers. Since the traffic on the road is very heavy, you have to jump over on the vehicles roofs to get to the robbers car. Avoid the birds and traffic cam by jumping and ducking.
arrow-knight/Arrow Knight
Help the KNIGHT through the forest to finish his journey, watch over your arrow it is limited. Enjoy! Read the instruction provided inside the game.

power-rangers-training/Power Rangers Training
Your mission is to train with the Power Rangers by completing a series of live challenges one for each Mystic Ranger. Master all five to unlock the ultimate challenge and defend Roorcore against an attack by Morticon and the Hidiacs!
super-chick-sisters/Super Chick Sisters
Super Chick Sisters, A Mario styled adventure game. Instead of crazy Italians this time you are playing with little chicks.
tatics-core/Tatics Core
Cool Battle sequences where your group of warriors must do battle with the bad guys!
sniper-3/Sniper 3
Rescue a pack of king penguins from melting polar ice caps. Take care to always protect them from the harmful rays of the sun.j
ninja-air-combat/Ninja Air Combat
Ninja Air Combat Fly in the air as a powerful ninja upgrade attacks defeat sky girls sword ninjas and dragons.

penguin-line-march/Penguin Line March
Rescue a pack of king penguins from melting polar ice caps. Take care to always protect them from the harmful rays of the sun.
get-away-gun-run/Get Away Gun Run
You are a professional bank robber. The last hit was a great success and you got away with 15 million dollars... Anyway your business associate betrayed you and the cops are on your tail. Better get away good, better get away fast, better push the pedal to the metal! And hey! Bring a gun... or a flame thrower... there is a ..
monkey-king/Monkey King
Help monkey to protect the kingdom from attacking forces. Knock each attacker out of the air before they land
sky-fighters/Sky Fighters
you need to survive as long as you can and shot as many enemies as possible. If you need extra ammo fly over your base and collect it. use arrow key left for pull up , right for pull down, and up to speed. Z key for bullets, x key for bombs and c for rockets. p for pause.
mad-spaceship/Mad Spaceship
Equip your spaceship with ammo and armor, then challenge your enemy in a fight to the finish.

megaman-x-virus-mission-2/Megaman X Virus Mission 2
Megaman again, but this time without any jumping and running because here we have a round based RPG fighter game in which you battle tactically.
big-head/Big Head
Use the Big Head to destroy the buildings shown in the objective screen in the upper right hand corner within the allotted time. Destroy as many ground and air units as possible for additional points and to prevent them from taking away your energy.
bmx-extreme/BMX Extreme
You can play game in two different modes, try to earn as many points as you can by rerform mad tricks. use arrow key to control the bike.
sidering-knockout/Sidering Knockout
Sidering knockout is a very exciting boxing game. can you become the new champian.
dragon-warrior/Dragon Warrior
Excellent slash and jump platform game!
urban-shooter/Urban Shooter
Shoot up armed bodies, protect civilians. use mouse aim and click mouse to shoot. Space key to reload

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