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Action games
mission-impossible/Mission Impossible
Your Aircraft failed in Mid-Air. On landing, you are right in the middle of the enemy. Use Z and C keys to move. Use SPACE BAR to Jump. Use Mouse to Aim at the target. Use Left Mouse click to shoot Bullets. Press 1 and 2 Keys to change the weapon mode between Bullets and Missiles. Press S key to throw hand grenades. Press D..
mini-soccer/Mini Soccer
This is a mini soccer games, you need to beat the computer, you can choose a human team or robotic team.
my-sweet-16-photoshoot/My Sweet 16 Photoshoot
In My Sweet 16 Photoshoot, you are the next top model who will appear on the cover of a hot new magazine.
final-survival/Final Survival
Use arrow keys to move and press A to fire your weapon. Do not stand too close to the explosions or you will be injured.

dragon-sword-the-survival-battle/Dragon Sword The Survival Battle
Yan Long is the main character of the game, he is the only inheritor of the Dragon sword wushu. he need to beat all the enemies alone, this is a test that the master given Yan Long. if Yan Long win the battle, he will be eligible for a Dragon sword fighter. please see instruction in the game to know how to play.
Python is totally addicting action game fun.
green-beret/green beret
classic horizontal platform shooter: green beret aka rush n attack
killer-mckay/Killer Mckay
It is up to you to rid your territory of all of the enemy by using your wide arsenal of guns.
You are an assassin that works for the government. Buy gun parts from traders and take down the terrorists.

school-invaders/School Invaders
A horde of ugly and ill-mannered aliens have descended on the school house and are up to no good! Free your classmates and blast them back where they came from, once and for all.
stick-arena/Stick Arena
Take down your opponents with the Katana or Shotgun; It is you or them in this action packed free-for-all fragfest.
stickman-sam/Stickman Sam
Part 1 of a great stickman action series. Can you complete the training?
skid-wrx-v20/Skid WRX v20
SkidWRX is a free car Rally Racing game.
stunt-mania/Stunt Mania
Perform enough stunts within the given time to unlock the next level, Good Luck!

Withstand a rythm-based enemy battalion! Fight for liberation as you jump and run on a dreamy cityscape !
magic-heaven/Magic Heaven
use snowball to freeze all monsters and earn as much point as possible.
fire-child/Fire Child
A very fun fast pace action game! The early adverture of Lona.
star-wars-jedi-knight/Star Wars Jedi Knight
Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker must prove his skills by confronting the sith warrior Asajj Ventress in the rattataki gladiator arena. He will need to rely on all of his training in order to survive.
heli-storm/Heli Storm
In Heli Storm your mission is to rescue your troops. Fly to them, pick them up and bring them back to the base. Destroy all of the enemies in your path to score points.

roller-coaster-ride/Roller Coaster Ride
Make it to the end of the Always Roller Coaster Ride by collecting Always Tokens, Power Ups, and by avoiding the monthly Baddies.
play-nice/Play Nice
Hit all the blue planes, avoid red ones, do not let the ball fall.
nanny-mania/Nanny Mania
Tidy up those messes.
stinky-bean-fling/Stinky Bean Fling
Use your mouse to fling those pathetic little stinky beans as far as you can!
fierce-fighter/Fierce Fighter
This is a side scrolling beat them up game where you have to play as Bruce Lee and make your way throught

saber-mania/Saber Mania
This is a great game by armor games. You use your saber to challenge other people for a duel.
a-walk-in-the-park/A Walk in the Park
Guide both dog and owner through every level of the game, collecting dog treats and special powerups as you try to find the exit. Did we mention that the owner is in a wheelchair and plays the guitar? Take A Walk in the Park and see for yourself!
bike-mania-2/Bike Mania 2
a bike mania game
alex-trax/Alex Trax
A biking game is about riding your bike home without falling. The roads are rocky and bumpy so stay focused.
kung-fu-statesman/Kung Fu Statesman
Guide your MP through the levels avoiding troublesome protesters.

newgrounds-rumble/Newgrounds Rumble
Stomp some ass in this high-intensity brawler, themed upon Newgrounds and its characters!
clash-n-slash/Clash N Slash
Absolutely addicting alien blasting with 60 + 13 great levels, 19 weapons, 17 power-ups, and over 50 enemy types with huge bosses all with unlimited play.
mo-bike/Mo Bike
a bike action game, Pull back the throttle and head for the ramp, jump the buses.
duck-fight/Duck Fight
3D Duck Fight. You are a duck in a plane, try to defend yourself from all enemies that are trying to destroy you. If you make it you will meet the great boss.
kung-fu-remix/Kung Fu Remix
A remake of Nintendo 8-bit's Kung Fu. This version features new music, sound effects, moves, bosses, enemies, specials, sprite artwork and much more.
xeno-tactic/Xeno tactic
Defend your tower against the aliens

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