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bowling-master/Bowling Master
Try to make more strike in this Bowling game
lawn-pac/Lawn Pac
You are in charge when grandmum is not around. You have to use the limited fuel that you have in the lawnmower wisely to cut all the grass on the yard before she is back.
grundos-snow-throw/Grundos Snow Throw
Make a snow ball and hit the polar bear.
splat-em/Splat em
Splat the food on people you hate and don’t hesistate or hold back

pipe-mania/Pipe Mania
Rotate the pipe pieces on the grid board so that the water can reach the exit.
nimian-flyer/Nimian Flyer
Nimian Flyer has outstanding artwork. Although the game is simple (fly and avoid obstacles) it can be addictive
island-cup-crab-race/Island Cup Crab Race
Guess which crab will wins the race.
run-over/Run Over
Try to run over as many people as possible
gandys-quest/Gandys Quest
Gandalf will be collecting gold coins in this platform adventure

beer-monster/Beer Monster
Collect the beers and goto the exit
bloomin-gardens/Bloomin Gardens
This is one of the classic puzzle with a new graphic. Get 5 flower of the same kind to be in the same row/column to clear it from garden
maple-story/Maple Story
Battle monster and perform quest. This game is also great to meet friends
mini-wave/Mini Wave
Miniboat racing more fun than bike racing
A remake of the classic Arkanoid game with funny faces in the background

kill-kenny/Kill Kenny
Kenny is being ganged up by his former friends - how long can he survive?
gapc-santa/GAPC Santa
Help Santa to get to GAPC to deliver the holidays gifts.
hot-shot/Hot Shot
Scored as many goals as possible in the time allocated
james-bomb-2/James Bomb 2
Help James Bomb to destroy all the monsters and escape to safety
free-the-pharaoh/Free the Pharaoh
Move the coffins around and free the Pharaoh

Another memory game.
moon-rider/Moon Rider
Solo Bike racing game that take place in the night
doughnut-jump/Doughnut Jump
Jump from the Doughnut scuplture into the dinghy waiting in the sea below - watch out for the seagull!
stan-skates/Stan Skates
Skate through the busy street with Stan
the-ant-arena/The Ant Arena
Bite the other ants and don't let them bite you

space-explorer/Space Explorer
Control and guide your ship to landing pads. You have limited fuel and you have to land smoothly to avoid crashing
Catch the toast with your plate as much as possible.
flash-out/Flash Out
Catch the ball with the stick. Try to get the ball hitting the cubes and let them disappear.
Instead of hanging the man a roulette gun is use in this Hangman word game
operation-sos/Operation SOS
Save the Santa and Christmas from evil penguin in this shoot them up!

the-fly/The Fly
Kill the Fly
reds-rampage/Reds Rampage
Collect as many gems as possible and don??t let the bandit steal them from you
tennis-2000/Tennis 2000
Play Tennis on your PC against the CPU opponent
bad-apple/Bad Apple
Mine sweeper clone - bite the BAD apple and you are doomed
space-out/Space Out
Break all the brick to advance in level
wacky-faces/Wacky Faces
Design your own wacky face

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