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flappy-eros/Flappy Eros
Flap the little wings of the Eros and try to save St. Valentines Day! Collect hearts and different equipments to protect yourself during the journey!
super-flippy-knife/Super Flippy Knife
Super Flippy Knife is a fun game of skill and timing, throw a knife to hit various targets and earn money, make the best scores and buy new knifes in the shop
funny-soccer-game/Funny Soccer Game
Funny Soccer is a HTML5 Sport Game. Choose your favourite Soccer Team and kick the ball into the net!
kids-tangram/Kids Tangram
Fun and educational game for kids. The tangram is a dissection puzzle consisting of seven flat shapes, called tans, which together can form various shapes.

fidget-spinner-master/Fidget Spinner Master
Spin, collect coins and buy new fidget spinners.
cat-ninja/Cat Ninja
Help the ninja cat take down all of his adversaries then exit each level.
breaking-news-with-ellie/Breaking News With Ellie
Beautiful princess Ellie is a famous TV news reporter. She has her own team of the best reporters is town. Join this cool and gorgeous news reporter in action. Before she will go live with the breaking news you must help her pick a lovely make up then choose a nice dress for her. Have fun!
lappa-connect/Lappa Connect
A fun mahjong connect game for kids.
libelle-sudoku/Libelle Sudoku
Play Libelle Sudoku anywhere and everywhere. Complete a sudoku puzzle by adding numbers in the correct order!

1-vs-1-soccer/1 vs 1 Soccer
try to beat your rival
magic-rings/Magic Rings
The witch is learning how to fly. Move through the middle of the rings to score. Pass all rings to advance level. Take care not to fall down or you will loose a life.
power-kids/Power Kids
Prevent the Martians from destroying the earth and becoming a hero. Game for all ages.
cheese-route/Cheese Route
Feed this creature with cheese but its not that easy. Draw a line or a route in order to feed it. Use your thinking skills to finish the stage and get all the stars to earn more score.
gingerman-rescue/Gingerman Rescue
Gingerman Rescue is a cute Platform Game. Are you ready to help the sweet Gingerman in his journey? Help the gingerman to find his treasures!

flags-maniac/Flags Maniac
How well do you know world flags? Learn every flag of the world, and test your knowledge!
knight-of-magic/Knight of Magic
Cleanse this world from evil! vanquish all demon with your divine magic! Play Knight of Magic NOW!
talking-tom-piano-time/Talking Tom Piano Time
Talking Tom Piano Time - Fun piano HTML5 game for kids and adults. Make our lovley Tom as beautiful as possible and help him play piano for his girlfriend. Have fun playing.
sheep-farm/Sheep Farm
Ben is employed in a Sheep Farm. His job is to run the farm without any hitches. Every day he must take care of the sheep and the associated units of farm. Ben must also go to the market to buy items for the farm and sell the products from the farm. Ben needs help from the players to run the farm. Feeding the sheep, sheari..
money-movers-2/Money Movers 2
The Money Movers brothers received a letter from their father to help him escape from the prison. In Money Movers 2 you must revisit the prison to help your father escape. Good luck!

traffic-car-racing-games/Traffic Car Racing Games
The Traffic Car Racing will give you challenging racing experience.It is very challenging to drive the car in the huge traffic road. Take a challenge right here.
just-feed-me-bloomy/Just Feed Me Bloomy
This is Bloomy from Fluorium-1403. Most of all he likes to eat and to evolve. Help him to become big and full.
new-beetle/New Beetle
A nice car designing games
ratatouille-madness/Ratatouille Madness
Linguini cannot cook, but Remy can. It is time for you to be the Remy to teach Linguini to cook.
supercar-tuning/Supercar Tuning
design the car you want.

future-car-tuning-v2/Future Car Tuning V2
Select your choice of alloy wheels, custom headlights, spoilers and body panels
pizza-maker/Pizza Maker
Try to make a pizza use all the stuff you got.
peter-paranormal/Peter Paranormal
Capture ghouls with the spook stick and use power ups to aid you in your rescue attempt. When you get enough ghouls you can press 1 to enlarge your flash-light for a limited time. Press 2 and you will drop all the poltergeists, and pressing 3 will attract ghouls towards your flash-light.
power-knight/Power Knight
Explore the world, grab coins, interact with characters, and maybe even battle.
Keep the submarine from touching the sea walls as your sub rotates. Put a cork in it!

talivan-launch/Talivan Launch
Blowing up a Mobile Camera Van has never been this addicting.
tnt-runner/TNT Runner
Use the Arrow keys to control the person around the cave in order to find the exit. Watch out for tnt and other explosions along the way. Play in Time Challenge and see how fast you can complete the game for a high score.
pimp-my-mustang-2008/Pimp My Mustang 2008
Trick out your ride online in this brand new Pimp My Mustang virtual tuning game. Select the coolest parts for your Mustang and give the car a new look.
flash-empires-2/Flash Empires 2
Defend Santas Workshop against evil elves and monsters by building towers.
mission-to-mars/Mission to Mars
Mission to Mars places you as an alien detective on the surface of the red planet itself trying to unravel a mystery of cosmic proportions.
burger-queen/Burger Queen
You are going to play as a burger seller, your goal is to survive the day by selling burgers. If you run out of money, you will lose

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